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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


A promenent member of Ferguson's Black community seeking justice at a local venue.

Aren’t we all tired of the endless Ferguson coverage?  I am.  What precisely, is newsworthy there?  Is a common police blotter shooting of a street thug by a police officer worthy of such national obsession?  I think not.

Why is our peace of mind hostage night after night to images of ignorant rioters?  Why is the President involving himself and his Attorney General once again in municipal affairs, even going so far as to interrupt his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard to express his solidarity with the down trodden?  Why is Anderson Cooper risking his precious good looks under possible assault by water bottle?  Why have purportedly mature public officials contorted themselves into impossible shapes catering to an incoherent mob?

Before expressing a general opinion, I’ll pass along some general observations.

Today, the ever gamine Ronan Farrow of MSNBC took the Lieutenant Governor of Missouri to task for daring to use the expression, “Anglo-American legal system.”  Shamefully, The Lt. Governor apologized for any misunderstanding he may have caused. It was painful to watch, as the Lt. Gov. had acquitted himself well up to that point.  Even more bizarre was that he apologized even after reminding Farrow, that as Farrow is a lawyer, he knew quite well that the term is both a historical and legal term.  So I suppose it’s now official.  Our common Anglo-Saxon legal history is now a shameful excrescence, not to be mentioned. It upsets both the mob class and the New York media volunteer auxiliary thought police.  

Then last night Governor Nixon of Missouri all but called for the prosecution of the Officer involved.  He actually said this before a grand jury was empaneled. Nixon used to be the State Attorney General. 

While it has been alluded to, it’s curious that the racial element hasn’t been but into sharper focus.  I’m not talking about the Blacks, but the Indians and others who seem to dominate all the commercial establishments in this sorry business. 

The owners of the convenience store where that “Gentle Giant” Brown strong-armed the staff are named Patel.  The little Fellow he pushed about is named Patel.  Mr. Jacoub from Lebanon owns Sam’s Meat Market, which was enthusiastically looted by his own customers a few nights ago.  Among others looted was one Mumtaz Lalani, another storeowner just goes by the name of Ibrahim.  The list goes on.

Nothing excuses looting, but you might think that the mainstream media, so engrossed in race talk, might at least notice this disconnect between the face of the community and the face of everyday commerce.  The politically correct media see untrammeled Indian and Pakistani immigration as part of our wonderful diversity. 

There is that other minority in Ferguson, Whites, who get out and vote, and pass civil service tests, and show up to work on time.  Their success is apparently, an affront to Black America.  Importing people to gyp blacks from the other side of the world is just fine however.

There is the media’s abandoning of even the pose of objectivity.  They, and the administration, and the liberal over-culture and the rioters are acting to re-affirm their high-low coalition.  That is, the multi-cultic elite of the new class, and the underclass whose votes help keep them in power must be  reset from time to time with a Trayvon Martin, or a Duke Lacrosse case. It doesn’t matter how bogus these distractions are.  It’s enough to get underclass voters riled and ready for Election Day.  How else to explain both CNN and MSNBC’s depiction of rioters as “Protesters seeking justice?”  How else to see Erick Holder’s meeting today with “Community leaders”? Having de-legitimized the real community leaders, other wise know as elected representatives, Holder all but promises the prosecution of a White cop for doing his job.

Anyone with any law enforcement training or knowledge knows that a cop who has been assaulted, had to fight to keep his sidearm, and is being approached by an assailant with criminal intent can shoot.  This is particularly true if the officer has had the bones in his face crumpled and is in danger of losing consciousness.  Yet the legal analysts employed by the networks mouth gibberish when they know that this is a routine matter, save for the tribal passions of Brown’s benighted neighbors.       

My final conclusion is this. The over class and the underclass need to stick together in order to deconstruct our culture, our legacy population and our economic system.  It takes a village to lift our wallets, as it were. When a minority President sympathizes with his own race when they riot, he is sending a message.  And the message is this; the mechanisms of justice, and our political process are no longer free from his usurpation.  That Anglo-Saxon tradition that Ronan Farrow found so unacceptable is being replaced by a racial and ideological spoils system. 

What is happening in Ferguson has absolutely nothing to do with justice and everything to do with the manipulation of racial resentments and the will to power by parasitic elites.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New Jersey Conquistador-American/ Embezzler Jorge Rod Welcomes Unaccompanied Minor CompaƱeros/ Future Voters

My latest over at VDARE.COM.  Remember to support VDARE.  They cover what the Mainstream media doesn't.

New Jersey Conquistador-American/ Embezzler Jorge Rod Welcomes Unaccompanied Minor CompaƱeros/ Future Voters

Friday, August 8, 2014


I just saw the noxious plagiarist and dupe, Chris Hedges, say that he "Had been to war" just now. The context was a CSPAN coverage of the 2014 Left Forum Panel on Thomas Paine.  in it, the usual collection of socialist malcontents held forth from a dais about injustice. I gather they are against it.  

The clown prince of affirmative action Afro-jibberish, Cornel West was there, along with some smarmy little guy I've never seen before, and Hedges.  The event should not be confused with an exposition of ideas.  It  was just  a chance for a small crowd of angry left nerds to see their heroes perform their acts.  

The sole reason I bother to post this is that Hedges made that statement, he had "Been to war."  Due diligence forces me to report that there is no record of military service in any Hedges bio I can find.  I don't mean to split hairs here.  My understanding of the term is that when one "Goes to war", you are going to war with some purpose greater than writing about it.  Hedges did covered plenty of wars, but only in the capacity of an onlooker.  The distinction here is that those who have "Been to war" have to stick around when the shooting starts.  Journalists like Hedges can stay as long as they want, then go back to their air-conditioned hotel for a shower, a Mojito and nice clean bed.  

Hedges is a throughly unpleasant character, spouting radical revolutionary from his sinecure at the Nation Institute.  Like West, he gets to wage the revolution from a cosy distance.  Come to think of it, that anonymous little clown with them was a professor as well.  

Hedges left a strong impression of having served, while only serving his career.  

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


The founders of our republic looked to the Roman Republic for examples of how a republic could survive and prosper in what was then the modern world. Unlike we post moderns, they knew that human nature does not change. They made a keen study of how the Roman Republic eventually slid into anarchy and tyranny.  Therefore, it is profoundly gratifying to see how long those Roman inspired lessons held out against the impulse to mere democracy and institutional decay. As our republic declines,  let's examine those Roman institutions our founders chose not to incorporate into our political framework.  Doubtless they had their reasons.  

This is just a thought experiment, as such stern measures are too sensible to gain acceptance in our present state of decadence.  Looking at how a sister republic confronted the challenge of governance is a useful exercise, if only to see how far from perfection we have fallen.  To understand the Roman model is to know their mind and at one remove, the minds of our founders.   The Romans were far from perfect, but the republic they instituted and the empire that followed, lasted a thousand years.  Our republic will not see it's three hundredth birthday.  

The examples I give below are unique Roman public offices and their functions.  I bring them forward as exhibits of Roman practical wisdom.  The reader can judge for himself how useful they would be in our time.  Obviously, I think they make sense, although as stated above, we are too far-gone to adopt them.

Cursus Honorum These were a graduated series of offices men in public life were expected to fill before advancing to the next step up the ladder of power.  Some steps were not strictly necessary but were customary.   This system of insisting that people demonstrate competence in lesser roles before running for higher office is itself a massive improvement over our own system.  The idea that one could be intrusted power without a record of accomplishment filled the Romans with dread. A jumped up law professor could never have achieved power in Rome.  Even the great Cicero, who was a lawyer, had to fill other offices to advance.  And when he went too far, he was banished for a time.  

Aedile These were elected officials who were charged with the upkeep of the city, the grain dole, the regulation of public morals, management of the public games and the regulation of the markets.  If your sewer backed up or foreign tricksters cheated you at the market, you went to the Aedile.  He had the power to render justice and the responsibility to keep what we call infrastructure in good working order.  He could not plead ignorance and if he did not act, his career died at the end of his one-year term of office.  He also had to put on public games for the entertainment of all the citizens.  So the Aedile was no piker and unlike our bureaucracy, could not slip the harness of accountability.  The next time my readers approach their town council over potholes and such, remember the Aedile. 

Military Tribune These were elected from the youth of Senatorial class who wished to advance in the service of the Republic.  They served with the legions under senior officers and if talented, were given actual combat responsibilities. 

Rome was a martial society and the thought of permitting cowards or incompetents to attain high office, in which they would be expected to lead men in war, was an completely unacceptable. 

Successful completion of service as a Military Tribune proved the individual had nerve and could take as well as give orders under pressure.  Contrast this with all the poltroons and fussbudgets inhabiting our Congress.  

CENSOR The office of Censor was the pinnacle of the Roman honors system and was usually occupied by elder statesmen who had already attained the office of Consul.  Censors were men who had satisfied the highest tests of judgment and rectitude.   As with Consuls, there were two Censors at a time.  They served for five years.  They oversaw the important work of conducting the census.  They also had the responsibility of purging the Senate of unworthy members.  They could banish certain religious practices and take action to defend public morals.

The genius of the Censorship rested on Romans of the leadership class knowing that their private vices would be known if they were not curbed or carefully hidden.  Someone of distinction that knew you or your family might eventually become a Censor.  This meant that at least a show of decency was necessary to survive in the Senate. It also behooved people in that class to be on civil terms with others, as what one Censor did, could be undone in five years by his successor.  

It’s tempting to wish we had censors.  They would be ex-presidents.  It takes only a moment’s reflection to see that this would not do.  Bill Clinton passing on other’s morals would be a scandal in itself.  If we produced men of stature we could call on them as Censors, but we don’t, so that’s that.  If we had such men today as Censors we would be rid of all the legal and illegal interlopers in our midst.  Our celebrity smut culture would be driven  underground.  No Ted Kennedy or a Barney Frank would pollute our halls of power for long.

The Founders attempted to install the spirit if not the structure of the Roman system.  They insisting on three equal branches of government.  They never dreamt of a Senate chosen by the people at large.  They never foresaw a ruling elite of test takers and hipsters without practical merit or character.  We cannot have a republic without republican virtue.  Re-instituting ancient systems cannot work where the public lacks the character to man them.  This is a pity. 

Thursday, July 31, 2014


CNN just announced the release of a substantial number of mortar rounds to Israeli forces now pounding Gaza.  That's not surprising.  What is, is that the delivery will take place from a massive depot of American weaponry and ammunition already placed in Israel.  How many people knew that the US pre-positions huge munitions stockpiles within Israel for the convenience of Israel?  My guess is that this is a reaction to the events of 1972, where Nixon had to emergency airlift munitions to Israel during that war.  There is the fiction that the Israeli's pay for this, except that they do so under a regime of loan guarantees in which they never really have to pay.  Now apparently we just skip the fictive transaction altogether and just let them take what they want.  

We conveniently positioned masses of mortar bombs in country so that our gallant allies in Jerusalem don't run out while they kill the children of Gaza.  

Of course this fact must never be allowed to interfere with our bogus assurance to the surrounding states that we are even handed.   

Saturday, July 26, 2014


I noticed Rod Dreher cancelled his subscription to the New York Times today.  He finally got the message the Times has been sending him for twenty years, which is, drop dead.   Some of us learn faster than others I suppose.  Yet he is still capable of writing…"NPR is hopelessly liberal in its biases, but it’s also a great news organization, one from which I learn every single day. I get the idea that NPR doesn’t really understand people like me (social and religious conservatives), or care to learn much. But — and this is a key difference between NPR and the NYT — I also don’t think NPR hates us and would like to see us go away."

Is Dreher really this dense?  Can he be this dense? I'm beginning to feel sorry for him.  But it's a sorrow mixed with contempt.  To have limped along with the Times for twenty years and only just now get the message is a sign of stupidity or weakness or both.  The idea that he thinks all the lefties, lesbians and others at NPR have anything but the same contempt for him as the Times is Candide on wheels!

BTW, I long ago stopped commenting on his blog.  Not because I disagree with him, though I do.  It's because he started actually editing them.  That, and because he cowardly refused to respond to me on this very issue of National Public Radio.  He wrote some nonsense based on bogus numbers put out by NPR to the effect that NPR had a substantial conservative listenership  These numbers seem off to me,  I took the time to research the actual numbers. He failed to post my research or reply in any way.  I concluded at that point  that he was a self serving lightweight and not worth my efforts.  

It's noteworthy that he still "learns" things every day from NPR.  Is it beyond him to see that the things he "learns" might just be selected to provide him with a skewed angle on events?  How much of what he learns is actually true.  Inquiring minds might want to know, but not his.   Personally  I rarely  hear reporting on NPR that is not a collection of "facts" designed to advance the interests of one side or the other.  NPR get's its facts wrong a lot.  Readers can confirm this by remembering the last time NPR reported a story about which they had some expert knowledge.  How accurate were they?  

So what if anything is Dreher willing to do to prevent this "Dimmitude" he worries about for his progeny?  As the chaplain of the church of fine-tuned niceness at TAC, I suppose his answer is,  nothing at all.  Dreher wants Christianity without Christian defenders.  He wants the church of St Francis without the church of St Louis the crusader.  He can't stand Clovis, but wants St. Martin of Tours shrine saved by magic.  

And that is why I find him so repulsive.