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Thursday, February 26, 2015


 As someone who frequently misses all or most of the academy awards ceremony, I hope I can be forgiven for being surprised at what I saw and heard last Sunday night. I hadn’t any idea how awful they became.
The awards have been in a long slow descent into vulgarity and triviality for some time. Still, Sundays fish tank view into the neurotic and dysfunctional world of “Holly-Weird” brought me up short. I didn’t know things had deteriorated this far. The politics of low and middlebrow film culture was on full display so I just can’t resist commenting. Here are my observations.
The old Hollywood cultural façade of aping the old WASP social etiquette has worn off completely. The old Hollywood studio system was ever mindful that a great American public was out there, somewhere in the dark, and they pay to be mocked. The studio heads were more a product of Minsk than Milwaukee and they knew that there were limits to what they could do in a still Protestant and believing country. Americans had a general sense of who they were and what they weren’t.
The 60’s, ended that. It’s no longer necessary for show business culture to reflect traditional culture. Indeed, with mass third world immigration, there will be precious little such culture left. Filmmakers and recording studios that now make a large percentage of their profits from overseas sales feel no obligation to affirm an American audience.
As the Late Gene Shepard used to say, Show business is the American Religion. I believe he was substantially right. Generations of Americans picked up their behavioral norms from what they saw on screen. But with the rise of new generations of entertainment industry insiders, bred in New York and steeped in Left wing immigrant ideology, films came to represent a subversive and dyspeptic view of Americans and their culture. Last Sunday this was on full display.
The left’s obsession with identity politics and sensibility drove the whole night. The academy was so unnerved by a few race hustlers who pointed out that all the award nominees were white that they propelled a battalion of obscure black presenters on stage. Last years orgy of white masochism over Twelve Years a Slave, just whetted the hustlers hunger for more set-asides for black themed movies. So, I predict that every year will see one Oscar awarded to a “get whitie” film. No one will notice that British Black actors will play all the significant parts.
The Oscar is no longer about excellence in film (If it ever was), but which victim group must be bought off to keep the showboat sailing forward. The Hollywood left is composed exclusively of fringe groups making appeals and demands to the rest of us.
Another fringe group in that big dysfunctional showbiz family are of course, homosexuals. That’s why we were treated, if that’s the right word, to the gay presenter running around in his underpants. Does anyone really believe this act of needy, embarrassing exhibitionism was a material part of the show? Of course not, it was just Neal Patrick Harris living out his on silly inverted fantasy. I doubt the feelings of normal viewers entered into it.
If Harris weren’t the gay of the day, would he have been picked as a presenter? Didn’t anyone check to see if he could deliver punch lines? Apparently, no one did. But hay, he got to be transgressive in his tightie whities.
Lest we forget, women, who constitute 51% of the population, are the most horribly oppressed “minority” of all. We know this because several multi-millionaire female actresses told us so right up there where the Oscars are handed out. I suppose this is just a foretaste of next years Hillary deluge. Perhaps Merle Streep will portray the role of Secretary of State? I can’t wait.
The post-normal nature of Holly-Weird came out in the behavior of some of the stars/presenters. Travolta’s creepy fingertip manipulation of women on stage, and the catty, common behavior of several actresses on the Red Carpet are further shocks to the system. Some of us remember when actors behaving like adults, at least while on camera.
What’s this got to do with politics? These specimens actually produce what passes for entertainment here, and that is increasingly all the average American gets to absorb by way of a worldview. As our educational system declines the neurotic, solipsistic mentality of these freaks seeps out further and further into our national life. And that’s not a good thing.

I can’t conclude without mentioning the sole happy moment of Sundays farce. I avoid what is called celebrity culture to such an extent that all I knew of the young woman called Lady Gaga is her role as a TV eyesore. So I was absolutely scintillated to hear her voice at last. She can sing! Not only that, but she can sing very, very well. She’s a delightful talent, and I can only guess that her sartorial antics were just her way of elbowing into the consciousness of the show biz freak culture. She’s no great beauty, but she is pleasant looking enough and I look forward to hearing her lovely voice for years to come.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Some time ago I wrote a blog post proposing the establishment of a "Republic of Assholia."  That is, a place where the world could solve it's population and crime problems by exiling troublemakers and pests to an internationally recognized no man's land, there to fester or prosper as they may, outside of the civilized world.  The idea found favor with John Derbyshire and a few other writers who saw some promise in this sort of international "Injun' Country."  * Search  "The Republic of Assholia."  on this Blog.

Now it is reported that Italy, facing hordes of African migrants is considering military action against Libyan anarchy.  Such is reported by and to me it is welcome news.  

The Italians are under increasing pressure to intercept wave after wave of waterborne  infiltrators.  Most are from Africa proper but some are from much further afield.  Many drown on the way. The tactics have become increasing bold and desperate, including aiming un-crewed ships blindly at the Italian coast.  The Italians are stuck with the job of intercepting, then accommodating the migrants.

Given the EU's feckless multicultural paralysis in matters of self preservation, this is a tricky business.  The EU's efforts at fielding a joint naval task force seems to have broken down.  The Italians are left to defend not only their own borders but, as the easiest point of entry for third world migrants, the whole of Europe. This unfair division of labor is impelling the Italians to consider military action to prevent Libyan territory from becoming a permanent launching base for people smugglers.  The presence of ISIS in Libya and ISIS's stated intention of invading Europe via a flood of economic migrants cannot be ignored.  

Italy may now be addressing the central problem facing all civilized polities faced with incursion by masses of primitives.  They must establishing effective buffers.  

It's long overdue.  Europe quietly depended on the Gaddafi and other North African regimes to control the flow of migrants.  This was done in the time honored way, by bribery.  Alas, Arab Spring anarchy put and end to that.  Governments under collapse, or in thrall to public sentiment cannot be relied on the hold to such agreements.  Indeed, if governments on Europe's periphery were serious about stemming the flow of Third-Worlders trough their territory none of this would not be happening now.  

The Italians are on the verge of establishing order via military action in her former Libyan colony.  I cannot imagine that Italy will fall into the occupation trap.  Italians understand that Europeans cannot actually rule Muslims.  If they cannot be controlled in Europe's slums, they will be no controlling them on their own turf.  It's draining and frankly, pointless.   European states can control ports and such land as is necessary to prevent mischief to the European heartland.  It can be done by bribery, occasional shows of force and under the veil of humanitarianism.    

We are on the verge of an African population explosion.  Europe cannot absorb many millions of primitive migrants and remain Europe.  It can however, encourage and police semi-civilized buffer states.  

And to the South of these can exist the great Saharan Assholian Desert Empire.  There, ISIS  may rule as they wish, penned up in their own vast worthless playground.  

This is not a novel proposition.  Spain was wise enough to hold a small enclave on the African coast that serves as an impediment to African waterborne incursion.  It's a pity that France did not do the same in some small way in Algeria.     


Friday, February 13, 2015


Posted: Thursday, February 12, 2015 5:23 am | Updated: 12:06 pm, Thu Feb 12, 2015.
A touching bit of liberal delusional thinking is their confidence in the caring power of big systems.
They actually believe that bureaucracies carry kind intentions, acting with all the benevolence of personally interested individuals. Nowhere is this more manifest than in the field of education. Educational bureaucrats, teacher’s unions, academic schools of education and the whole sorry lot celebrate their commitment to the elevation of children and the betterment of society as a whole.
My interaction with this behemoth of enlightenment concern shows another image altogether.
For over a year now, I have been getting robotic phone calls from the Philadelphia’s Ethan Allen School reporting the truancy and tardiness of a child I’ve never heard of. I have repeatedly told them that this child does not exist in my household. Yet, the calls keep coming like some Orwellian clockwork.
Along with these reports of “my child’s” absences, come exhortations to attend various community enrichment and parent involvement meetings. It appears that while they believe that I never send my child to school, I’m welcome to come down for coffee and cupcakes.
How to explain this? It seems that some middle school kid in Philly made up a phone and it happened to be mine. The fact that I don’t have a Philadelphia number slipped past the gatekeepers it seems. My name doesn’t remotely match that of “my child” But I suppose this is now typical.
The robo-calls are not of the best quality so I’m not sure what the first name of my ghostly ward is. It sounds like Insomnia, but that can’t be true, can it? I’ll keep the last name to myself.
My question is, how is it possible to run a school system of such dazzling levels of incompetence? From everything I can glean from this barrage of garbage over the phone, the school system is deeply engaged in the most progressive educational techniques. It’s just that they can’t seem to find an actual parent, or account for why little Insomnia never shows up for school.
If the bogus telephone number is never challenged, how about an actual address? Do they have one? Is some warehouse in Levittown getting all the parental mail? Do they know whether this child exists? Does the child still exist? How is it possible to spend so much money and end up with third world levels of incompetence?
In any event, I relate all this as a reminder of that one great fact of life we all seek to avoid. No arm of the government truly cares if you live or die. All bureaucracies exist to grow and to enhance their budgets while seeking to avoid responsibility for the consequences of their actions.
Anyone holding out the slightest hope of a caring government after coming into contact with it, is a monumental fool.
So, good night little Insomnia wherever you may be. Perhaps not showing up is understandable. But please, next year give out someone else’s telephone number.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


Over at UNZ REVIEW some commenter was trying to make a point about how certain writers on the alternative right refrain from citing Phil Giraldi's work.  I have my doubts about the veracity of that.  The comment is on Phil Giradi's piece on the Charli Hebdo attack and the possibility of a false flag operation, about which I raise a question but remain agnostic.

A commenter lumped the egregious Rod Dreher in among the men.  I just couldn't let this tho without comment.

"Placing Rod Dreher in such company as John Derbyshire and Peter Brimelow is simply wrong. Derbyshire and Brimelow are men of talent purged by the neocons who run NR.
Rod Dreher is a poltroon with a following of sexual deviates, self flagellating pseudo-conservatives and NPR listeners. He keeps them agitated by suggesting mildly conservative thoughts, to which they respond in righteous indignation. He gets to play conservative and they get to feel good hitting him with their little pink down pillows. It’s a ritual, and his next blog post starts the cycle all over again. It’s all about driving up the reader hits at TAC. He is TAC’s faux conservative click bait artist.
Brimelow , Derbyshire and company exist in a journalistic universe they created themselves post National Review. They consistently produce better, more honest material than the pygmies who sold them out in New York.
As far as Sailer not mentioning Phil Giraldi goes, I don’t see what this proves either way. Neither of these writers are fans of Israel or Jewish influence. That doesn’t mean that they are a mutual support network or a fan club. Perhaps thinking of them in that way would be a conspiracy theory in itself?"

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Professor Gottfried has a post up at the UNZ review on the extension of the franchise over time and its dolorous effects on liberty and good government.  This is my comment.

The ever wider granting of the franchise took a while. It is hard to see how it can be withdrawn, even piecemeal. Of course, far too many people vote.
The over extension of the franchise was due to the accumulating effects of the spirit of the age. A great treatise could be written on this. Suffice it to say that the spirit of egalitarianism provided a momentum that once begun, could not be stopped. Those who remember when they didn’t have the vote are in a poor position to deny it to others.
I think a culprit in this slide into mass democracy is the simple tendency of people living in large complex societies to forget that such societies are mortal. One might say that most of us are not citizens so much as inhabitants of our country. They become  obsessed with issues of fairness to the exclusion of any need for systemic function. Indeed, the idea of the nation as a functioning system that must prosper in an unfair world hardly exists now. We undertake wars we cannot pay for in order to extend Democracy to people who don’t know what it means. We expand our welfare system without taking account of its bankruptcy.
The founders wanted a natural aristocracy to man the government. They wanted this because they lived in a compact and simple enough society to see that yeomen farmers and laborers had little practical experience of the wider world. They could not be expected to vote for the common good since they had not the information to do so. The founders reasoned that successful, wealthy stakeholders would have more information while understanding their fate was tied to the common wheel.
Today voters are no longer even expected to vote for the common good. They are understood to vote for their own narrow interests. These have nothing to do with the orderly, efficient management of the nation. Democracy in America consists of professional politicians conning ignorant or venal voters into voting for them in the deluded belief that they are serving themselves. Of course they only serve to promote the agendas of the politicians.
American’s belief in Democracy approaches our former belief in God. The extension of mass Democracy is seem as the cure for all ills. Showing that Democracy causes said ills is the great taboo. If we didn’t have mass Democracy to believe in, we would be forced to see how little we have in common. The impulse to constrain popular tyranny can only exist in a society with a strong culture that deeply values particularity and tradition. That is no longer us.
I don’t think there is a conservative cure of this. As we enter the age of oligarchs like Soros, Adelson, Zuckerburg and Gates we will see a reprise of the Late Roman Republic. Democratic politics will become a meaningless plaything of the big men, their money and their factions until the whole edifice falls down and a authoritarian new order takes its place.

Friday, January 2, 2015


Hunter as Radio personality The Southern Avenger
The TAC is at it again.  I posted the comment below in response to Jack Hunter's latest exercise in self abnegation.  Hunter's piece was a plea to conservatives to really really listen to black's complaints about injustice, police brutality, profiling and all the rest.  To this end, Hunter quotes liberal talking points that fly in the face of the Department of Justices own statistics.  He knows he is spreading bogus stuff here.  
Hunter has become a pathetic figure.  He used to be on the radio in Charleston SC as "THE SOUTHERN AVENGER."  He got pickled up as a blogger on alternative right websites and eventually became some sort of media hack for Rand Paul.  Hunter was a young man on the rise.  

When the purity of mind police outed him as having shared doubts about the absolute sanctity of all things multicultural-multiracial, he fell as a shooting star from the Republican heavens.  He had to resign from the Paul team, and he has been confessing his sins ever since.  This makes him a perfect fit for The American (post) Conservative.  They deserve each other.

He may beg for a new beginning, but it will never come.  The left will always see him as the Southern Avenger.  He will never be acceptable to the cultural marxists who control the media, or the academy, or the professions.  He is a man without an allegiance to betray anymore.  As a media hack I can't imagine how he might not know this.  

So here is what the thought police at TAC not only refused to post, but deleted altogether.

“I thought it was a badge of honor, that this was my role. I believed part of being a conservative was simply to ignore minority criticism, or perhaps to point to other minorities who agreed with me. Over the years, I’ve changed my mind significantly.”Jack, you “Changed your mind,” when it tripped up your career. You found that to be a Republican writer-campaign operative, you needed to write cringing mea culpas like this. You are not the first operative to find himself an embarrassment to his patron.
News flash, having been the Southern Avenger, you will never be accepted in polite hive-mind society. So stop confessing for previous truth telling. It’s awkward for readers and shameful to yourself.
Just before I wrote this, I heard the President of the Urban League calling for the head of some congressman for daring to address some pro-European American group a decade ago.  Why does Jack Hunter seek favor in a political milieu in which multiple racial groups call the shots while the majority population must remain submissive?  Cowardice and and a perhaps understandable desire to prosper must play some part.  Perhaps he has children to feed. 

We are much better off without him.  Taking the part of the historic American nation requires spine.  He and the likes of Rod Dreher can always find a home at TAC's precious, small, sideshow.