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Sunday, April 20, 2014


Friday, April 18, 2014


It seems that my comments are getting expunged as fast as I sen them over at TAC.  I wrote a  follow up post I commented on Gracy Olmstead's piece to whit:

I see that a comment I posted here was not only not printed but actively expunged.
It is unfortunate that you can’t withstand contrary opinion. Perhaps if I mentioned that I served eight years as the State of New Jersey’s Inspector of criminal halfway houses you might have printed my opinion. On the other hand, I suspect you might have been even faster on the trigger.

Cowardice Gracy, is never an attractive feature.

This was erased almost instantly .  So who is Gracy Olmstead?  Behold!
She is just the latest illustration of TAC's bare skirting of the child labor laws.  Gracy graduated from college two years ago and always wanted to be a writer.  Along with Jonathan Coppage, she exemplifies TAC's lack of seriousness. In short, the place is run by children with no worldly experience.  She is described as taking quite a hand as an Associate Editor. She claims to run the Web Site. Perhaps that explains her spiking my comments.  
This is a perfect illustration of a very modern phenomena.  The academy is cranking out people who just want to write, but have little knowledge to justifying their output. Contrast this with the old journeymen reporters who had no intellectual pretensions but were very good at ascertaining facts. They could also detect bullshit a lot better than your average ex-coed.  After a time, some of them wrote enlightening and important commentaries.  
I wish I could say that I'm shocked but in the case of TAC, I'm not.

NOTE:  This business applies to Ms. Olmstead.  Other comments have gone through.  


As my faithful readers know, it's my habit to run comments here that are delayed or left to wither on TAC's comment threads.  This is different.  They actually deleted it.  I've never seen this before.  I assume that only I and whomever moderates comment at TAC can see what I wrote.  So why he/she felt the need to expunge my comment is a puzzle.  Perhaps it was Gracy's turn to moderate comments?  

A day or so ago I wrote a comment to The American Conservative's Gracy Olmstead's prison reform booster piece.  It was entitled Building Conservative Prison Reform.  She began it  with the usual happy talk about how all points of the political compass feel good about getting behind the cause of deinstitutionalizing non-violent offenders, etc.  She then lost track of her main theme, focusing on the damage solitary confinement has on inmates psyches.  Her case was not well received by the five commenters.  

My comment was to the effect that:

1. Her "conservative" allies in this cause were largely stalking horses for the heavily republican private prison industry.  I predicted that a large share of deinstitutionalized criminals would find their way into private, for-profit halfway houses and drug treatment centers, etc. managed by these same characters.  I mentioned that one might just appear in her neighborhood.  

2. Democrats see released inmates as a source of voters and manpower in their minority dominated coalition.  

3. She failed to see that the inmate population overlaps the largely minority "Criminal underclass." (my wording)  

4. Non-violent offenders include Bernie Madoff and the like, who do massive damage to society.  Swindlers wreak real havoc, particularly on the elderly and the trusting. 

5. Long term solitary confinement indeed causes mental stress and deterioration.  Perhaps all incarceration does.  Perhaps solitary confinement is over-used.  Still, the inmates placed in solitary are there for acting out against other inmates and staff.  There is a certain circularity to Olmstead's argument that it is cruel to remove inmates from social interaction, if the inmates are pathologically anti-social.  If their idea of social interaction is to attack people, there are just so many alternatives available.

Finally, I suggested that the Federal Criminal Code and the behavior of Federal prosecutors needed to be reformed.  We might not have a bulging federal prison population if it were not possible for federal prosecutors to secure a conviction against any one of us for violating any one of countless laws and reg's, the existence of which most people have no knowledge.

My last government posting before retirement was as the inspector of criminal halfway houses for the entire State of New Jersey.  That's Eight years Gracy.  

Thursday, April 17, 2014


As a conservative, I eschew the desire to force the public into things against their will unless absolutely necessary.  But I must submit that all citizens be forced to watch congressional testimony on CSPAN as a qualifier for voting.  Only those who have taken in the full range of folly, mendacity, buffoonery and in some cases illiteracy of our leaders should be suffered to cast votes.  As a retiree and writer I have lots of time to check up on the petri dish that is Washington DC via CSPAN’s microscope. I am convinced that if everyone watched their elected representatives at work at least once a week, a monarchist movement would spring up overnight.     

We all like to think that if properly informed, people of good will would submit to the evidence of their own eyes and ears.  In that spirit I suggest that there can be but two classes of people regarding Attorney General Eric Holder.  There are those who have seen him testify before Congress and want him impeached.  And there are those who have not seen his performances and want to give him a break.

I’ve watched many of Attorney General Holder’s appearances before various congressional committees over the years.  These include his first appearances and those of last week.  He operates in only two modes; implausible ignorance of matters central to his function as a public official, and officious refusal to respond truthfully to direct questioning by Congress.

All legislators understand that the executive branch has its secrets.  Sometimes the executive has legitimate reason for circumspection.  No one however, thinks that the executive can simply refuse to grant the legislature’s constitutional oversight function. Even when the executive holds the persons and the motives of legislators in low regard, as Holder obviously does, the executive must respect the oversight role.  Cabinet members may elide or obfuscate to a degree, but they cannot simply stonewall for years on end information that congress has subpoenaed. Holder not only refuses he does so with transparent disdain in a manner that suggests he truly doesn’t feel the weight of law upon him.  He seems to be saying that he is serving a cause that transcends the constitutional order. 

It is this disdain for his constitutional obligation that should oblige Congress to impeach Holder.  The administration has allowed firearms to fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels; it has obviously allowed persons in the IRS to persecute citizens for their political beliefs.  The list of administration transgressions is a long one.  Holder has already been found in contempt of congress.  Any Attorney General who puts aside his role as the chief law enforcement officer of the republic for that of political operative has no right to remain. 

Even more damaging to public morale is his smirking indifference to how this looks to the public.  As a product of affirmative action, he “knows” that the system is fixed.  So he acts without shame, as though all the norms and procedures of our republic are just so much play-acting.  For people like him, it’s all about power and holding on to power in a system they see as unjust in itself.  He and his friend in the White House have the power now and have not the good grace to exercise it with honesty.

That is why Holder must go.  He must be impeached or we will be seen as his accomplices in portraying our system as a sham.

Friday, April 4, 2014


This is my latest, published by the Courier Times of Bucks County

I can only imagine what readers of the distant future will make of the bizarre and disgusting behavior of our public officials. It will read like the hard to credit outrages from the decline of the Roman Republic. There have been several just lately, but surely the worst must be the procession of GOP presidential hopefuls before a collection of disloyal ethnic billionaires organized by one Sheldon Adelson. So far, Chris Christie, John Kasich, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush have traveled to that seat of American taste and virtue, Las Vegas, there to dance for Sheldon Adelson’s millions. Just last week Chris Christie spoke before a gathering of Sheldon’s 800 closest friends to swear allegiance to Israel. But fat dancing bears are notoriously clumsy and so Christie used the term “Occupied Territories,” for what we all call the occupied territories. Sheldon and his Zionist pals insist on calling these places “The contested places.” Christie actually apologized for his faux pas and was granted a grudging, conditional absolution, pending good behavior.
So far as I can tell, only Rand Paul has refused to perform dancing bear tricks for Zionist dollars. It’s nice to see at least one candidate who holds American interests paramount. It’s almost quaint. But we shouldn’t be surprised. Adelson has let it be know that he regrets funding two losers in the last election he tried to buy. He gave $15 million to Newt Gingrich to stop Romney only to have to spend God knows how many millions backing Romney, all for naught. His reasoning was simple. Obama was not soundly in Israel’s camp and would fail to start the long hoped-for war with Iran.
I know this is a serious charge so let’s hear from Sheldon himself about how he would deal with Iran. These are his remarks delivered at Yeshiva University in answer to a question by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on Iran’s nuclear program:
"No. What do you mean support negotiations? What are we going to negotiate about? What I would say is, 'Listen, you see that desert out there, I want to show you something.' ... You pick up your cell phone and you call somewhere in Nebraska and you say, 'OK let it go.'
"So, there's an atomic weapon, goes over ballistic missiles, the middle of the desert, that doesn't hurt a soul. Maybe a couple of rattlesnakes, and scorpions, or whatever.
"And then you say, 'See! The next one is in the middle of Tehran. So, we mean business. You want to be wiped out? Go ahead and take a tough position and continue with your nuclear development.”
The above is just a hint of what Adelson represents, and yet these presidential hopefuls are willing to publically grovel and dance to his tune.
Adelson seems to be betting on Jeb Bush at the moment and for two reasons. The first is the Bush family habit of invading Muslim countries suspected of inconveniencing Israel. The other is that Jeb Bush is even more inclined than his father and brother to flood the country with cheap Mexican labor. And if there is anything Sheldon loves almost as much as Israel, it is cheap, non-unionized labor for his casinos. Immigration amnesty is one of the dance steps one must practice for Sheldon’s millions.
In the uproar among Republicans over the 2012 defeat it was obvious that immigration was one reason why many GOP’ers stayed home. It looked for a while like the GOP might actually swing in the direction of American population interests. And then, Sheldon and his buddies opened their wallets and both Eric Cantor (R) and House Speaker Boehner (R) announced their commitment to Immigration reform i.e., amnesty, for millions of illegals. Adelson gave $5 million to Cantor’s PAC and a like amount into Boehner’s. And presto, immigration amnesty is still a topic in the House. And yet millions of honest Republican voters believe that these two opportunists represent them! These bears dance not for you dear voters, but for the guy with the money and the dual loyalty.
Adelson is the eighth richest man in the world, a Zionist American oligarch if you will. He dumped ninety-two million dollars into support for GOP candidates in 2012. Except for keeping any patriotic immigration bills from passing the US House of Representatives, he got little for his money. This time he wants to buy a winner. According to Ari Fleisher, Bush’s old press flack and Adleson’s new collaborator, “The Sheldon Primary is an important primary and anybody running for the Republican nomination would want to have Sheldon at his side.”
So here we have it, “The Sheldon Primary;” it’s Ari’s term and presumably Adelson’s as well. The perfect primary for their purposes, no dumb Americans voting in “Sheldon’s Primary,” just dancing GOP bears looking for money. And the deal is for a war on Iran fought by the sons and daughters of the GOP suckers.

No one taking money from this man and his cronies at the Republican Jewish Coalition could possibly be a patriot. Let’s hope that Paul and perhaps, some others take the GOP in another direction.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


The media's predictable obsession over Malaysia's lost airliner focuses on a narrow band of quires.  Many of these are more a glimpse into the naiveté of the press than anything else.

I have a question.  Why none of these magnificent birds on the case?  Why are Japan and Russia the only nations on the earth fielding a fleet of these very useful aircraft?  The present search is impeded by the fact that the aircraft with sensing instrumentation cannot land to confirm what they think they sense.  So ships must be dispatched to investigate.  This is slow and a bit old fashioned in my opinion. They could make a much more economical and effective search by using these.

The US, Great Britain, France and others had fleets of these handy craft.  Nations snapped them up in the post war era and used them till they wore out. On what basis was the decision made to stop our further development of these handy assets?

The aircraft picture is currently manufactured in Japan for the Japanese Self Defense Forces and will shortly be sold/manufactured in India.  It clearly affords Japan and search and rescue capacity that we lack.  

This is just another example of our military/government sector refusing to build useful craft that might actually help ordinary Americans.  Previously, I wrote about our absence of amphibious vehicles that are useful in floods.  We used to have a great fleet of these amphibious trucks call DUKW's.  Now we have none.  Why?

Saturday, March 29, 2014


This is my comment at Unz Review to a Juan Cole piece.  Cole and or some fellow named Lopez are engaged in the endless quest for racism and in this case, its variants.  It seems that racism, like sin, comes in several varieties.  Sin can be venial or mortal, and by omission or commission.  So racism has many imagined forms, all practiced exclusively by White people.

  1. “My greatest fear is that Ryan shares with the Republican Party a penchant for strategic racism — a willingness to stir widespread racial anxiety in pursuit of votes. This is not racism as hate, or as bias, but as the cold, calculating decision to exploit racist sentiments in society.”
    You need have no fear on this count. The Republican party is literally committing suicide rather than accepting its role as the generic White party. Indeed, Ryan is a champion of immigration amnesty at the expense of those white blue collar voters who still have jobs not undercut by Mexicans. Not a few of whom must be named Lopez.
    It strikes me as absurd that the Democrats can be the generic non-white party but it is “Racism” for Whites to prefer a party of their own. Do you really think this can go on indefinitely? BTW, I notice that the Asian part of the Democrat coalition just wised up to what the Democrats had in store for their children. I suppose they must be racists as well.