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Saturday, November 22, 2014


Ana Navarro, Professional Hispanic and CNN's idea of a Republican shares Gruber's status as both a political operative and a university faculty member.  I wonder just who Isn't posing as a scholar among media talking heads?

It's hard to be a political pundit/operative without also having a law degree.  In Navarro's case, law schools were ever ready to advance a whole new generation of wise Latinas.  Once armed with a law degree, it's easy to pose as a scholar of some sort.

VDARE's publication of my Navarro expose' captured her full awfulness.  But a telling bit of her bogus scholarship surfaced late in the piece.

Not only does Navarro seek to press gang her fellow Hispanics into the GOP establishments plantation, she has plans for sexual deviates.  She invited the hideous Hilary Rosen, Democrat strategist and LGBT advocate to help fill in "The hole in the Republican party.  Rosen is sexual deviance what Navarro is to Hispanics.  She is best remembered for attacking Ann Romney for raising her children rather than adopting them in order to play house with, in Hilary's case, her female live-in lover.


Navarro's mission for her current patron, Jeb Bush, is to find loose aggregations of aggrieved misfits to fill out the GOP's big tent.  Illiterate Mexican moochers, angry lesbians, who next?  Some coalition!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ana Navarro, Ungrateful Refugee Opportunist, Sneers At “Older, Straight White Men”–While Working For GOP

Ana Navarro, Ungrateful Refugee Opportunist, Sneers At “Older, Straight White Men”–While Working For GOP

Thursday, November 13, 2014




I found Tuesday’s nation-wide rejection of the Democrats refreshing.  That shouldn’t lull me into expecting much from the GOP though.  Our weeping Speaker of the House is still a pliant tool of the donor class.  They want some sort of amnesty for all the burger flippers and landscapers currently helping them drive down American wages. 

Locally, I was sorry to see Corbett lose.  It wasn’t true that he took an axe to education spending.  But, I can fantasize that he did.  Imagine a government not wearing the dog collar of public sector unions.  Imagine thousands of mediocre and worse teachers set loose to work real jobs.  Imagine similar numbers of education administrators set to work at useful occupations, shoe shining for instance.  I mean where did all the shoeshine guys go?  Perhaps that is what all these administrators did before finding taxpayer-funded sinecures. 

 When meeting women of a certain age,  a remarkable number described themselves Educational Consultants.  As we all know, consultancy is just another name for the unemployed.  So, these ladies were all retired teachers with a lot of miles left on them and friends back in the bureaucracy willing to hire them to conduct studies. 

It seems that the process by which children learn say, their times tables is immensely more difficult now than it was a century ago.  That’s why all of our parents were illiterate; no studies.  As Dr. Murray  said, “This is the first generation in the history of all mankind to fail to educate it’s young in the rudiments of productive life.”

So poor Governor Corbett was turned out of office for appearing to do the right thing. 


A while ago I wrote in favor of not impeaching the President.  My  point was the same as Napoleon’s to wit, “Never interfere with your enemy while he is making a mistake.”  Obama was doing such a fine job disengaging the Democrat Party from its voters that any attempt to change the subject could only be bad for the country. 

Now however, he openly threatens to legalize millions of alien interlopers in defiance of Congress and his constitutional mandate.  The President executes the laws,.  He doesn’t pick and choose among them.  And he certainly can’t just make them up.  He dares congress to stop him.

I suppose he has taken congresses measure and thinks he will win a showdown.

He may be right as the Speaker and the Majority Leader are talking lawsuits and budget manipulations.  This is what I meant about not expecting too much from the GOP.  They will be extremely reluctant to impeach Obama, not because it is the wrong thing to do, but because they are beholding to pro-immigration donors and because they don’t want to look extreme.  Heaven forbid that they react to the President’s extreme usurpations with the extreme but correct remedy.

The American public learned this week that Obamacare was enacted through deceit and obfuscation.  They don’t have to take talk radio’s word for it.  They have the recorded boasts of one of the acts chief perpetrators.  Like so many of this administrations shining lights, he shone on a very ugly lie. 

The American people have finally taken Obama and companies measure and they no longer believe a thing he says. 

The GOP Congress in waiting needs to inform the President that if he starts handing out green cards to millions of Democrat voters in waiting, they will begin impeachment proceedings.  Polls show that the general public does not favor amnesty for these mooches and would back impeachment.

The GOP would have to take the side of American workers and American national interests for once.  Let’s see what they actually do.


It looks like we elided the Ebola danger for the moment.  This latest Ebola outbreak appears to be petering out in Africa itself. 

It will come again. 

What we learned is that our government on all levels is incapable of reacting seriously to a real threat. 

The President and his administration was more interested in theatrics than in action. His minions fell over themselves at critical times.  This is per usual.  As the crisis lessened the administration that handled things so haplessly did what it always does.  It pronounced on events as they were ending, seeking to appear in charge after just muddling through.  Saying no to Africans goes against the administrations grain as well.   Remember, if we had better customs enforcement against African louts, the President’s father never would have met his mother. 

The chattering classes reacted to this disease story by transforming it into a human rights story and inevitably, a sob story.  Just today, we learn that the family of the initial Liberian patient reached a cash settlement with the Dallas hospital that misdiagnosed his case.  That he was less than forthcoming about his status as a probable Ebola carrier is never mentioned.  Why we have a cluster of Liberians hanging out in Texas is a question that must never be asked either. 
I wonder at this story of a Liberian who knowingly misrepresented himself to customs, thus introduced a deadly infection to Three Hundred Million Plus people was treated with such deference by out media. 

But then no one seems to take quarantine requirements seriously here either.  American doctors and nurses skirting quarantine procedures were pictured as spunky little upholders of individual rights.  The term “Out of an abundance of caution,” seems to have left our language.   

When the next case appears in the US, perhaps we will send lawyers to judge the appropriateness of public health measures before taking steps.  For we must never forget, we live in an age of rights over responsibilities. 

Saturday, November 1, 2014


The Times Literary Supplement is one, perhaps the chief tendril by which I keep in touch with the wider world.  No publication is perfect, but the TLS is more than close enough for my taste and aptitude.  

I particularly love reading reviews of material just at the frontier my grasp.  This helps we expand my understanding by forcing me to attempt comprehension first by intuition, then by familiarization.  This has always been a trait of mine.  I remember my parents reaction to my fascination with Shakespeare films on the TV.  My father difficulty with the language and was puzzled that I still wanted to watch things like Laurence Olivier's Hamlet of 1948.  I couldn't grasp every word either, but was drawn in by the charm of puzzling out via context and the bits of vocabulary I already possessed, the import of what I saw.  With each viewing, my vocabulary grew and the play revealed more and more. 

All that to one side, it seems to me that the TLS's presentation of both American fiction and non-fiction suffers from an over reliance on the scribblings of trendy American academics.  

The latest edition features Elaine Showalter's review of Hilary Clinton's book,  "Hard Choices."  It begins with a knowing and engaging dissection of the ex-Secretary of State memories genre.  I never expected much from them, so, never bothering to read them, I am indebted to Professor Showalter for confirming my guess.  

I have no idea what TLS uses as a guide to pick reviewers.  I suspect that they are open to having a robust badinage in the comments section by allowing partisans to savage opponent's books.  That is not the case here.  

Showalter is one of the grand dames of Feminism.  She is an unlikely to take the scalpel to Clinton's book as I am to do the same to my own leg.  She lists Hilary Clinton's anodyne pronouncements with the sort of approval that might follow something unexpected and ground breaking.  Feminist politicians of good opinion rarely make such pronouncements anymore then Showalter, so this is a review in the fawning spirit of sisterly solidarity.  Showalter thinks that Clinton is showing us political mastery when in fact she shows that Hilary is prepared to be as morally flexible as any other politician in the service of her career. 

Showalter gushes, "Clinton comes across as a careful decision maker, but also a gutsy partner willing to take risks in the interests of an important goal."  This is a description of Hilary's pressing for the go ahead on killing Bin Laddin.  Of course we have only her word on this.  The Feminist triumphalism come  through clearly however.  Girls can be as tough or tougher than boys.      

Showalter's review is eerily devoid of cause and effect.  Hilary gets good marks for turning on Hosni Mubarak.  No mention is made about the collapse of her pro-Arab spring policy in Egypt that fell hard on her decision "To unfriend" Mubarak.  In this manner one feminist lauds another for  having the temerity to make "tough" decisions.  I suppose it would be sexist to expect these to be wise of prudent ones.  It is enough that Hilary makes big decisions!

This is, in a way, not  Showalter's fault.  She made a career of working within the mini- universe of academic Feminism.  To expect her to write critically of Hilary Clinton now, on the verge of a possible Hilary Presidency, would be to expect suicidal bravery.  

TLS should get better advice on American reviewers.     

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Sorry to have been away but I've been sick with the seasonal crud.

I suppose there is no point writing about anything but Ebola this week.  So, here it is. 

Ebola is a threat to us in general, particularly because it is bound up with other threats that we are not supposed to speak about.  Chief among these are race and immigration.  Ebola is an African disease.  It originates in Africa among Africans.  We are told it stems from the consumption of “Bush Meat,” in this case from fruit bats.  AIDS, which also came to us out of Africa, seems to have a similar origin except that the animal vector is from monkeys on the menu.  The Canal in my backyard now harbors West Nile Virus.  No extra points for guessing where that came from. 

It is not surprising that a lot of disease comes to us from the Dark Continent.  We evolved there.  Which means that every virus, bacterium and fungus that damages us has had millions of years to perfect its act among our kind. As we lost our tails and took to our heals they got better and better at eating us alive.  Most people alive today are the descendants of populations that had the good sense to leave Africa.  Some of us stayed behind as a kind of human petri dish for diseases to hone their skills.  I know a lot of people who visited or worked in Africa.  Without exception, every one of them became seriously ill.

There are obvious dangers of unlimited travel in and out of Africa.  Despite this our government refuses to control Africans access to our shores.  Our government still insists on allowing Africans to travel here despite all indications that it is not safe. 

This is beyond invincible ignorance.  It is multicultural orthodoxy carried to dangerous extreme. The Ebola patient who brought the disease here had a number of red flag issues that should have prevented hiom for being granted a visa.  He had relatives here.  He was unemployed.  He did not reside in the country of his citizenship.  Why our immigration service granted him a visa against their own protocols is a sinister mystery.  But it is of a piece with the Obama administration’s policy of lax border enforcement.  It’s worth noting that the Bush Administration was no better. 

We are at the mercy of an elite that simply doesn’t value our sovereignty or our safety.  They believe in the free flow of people in the service of cheap labor.  The cab drivers in Princeton are Africans.  There are African guards at our suburban corporate offices.  Washington DC is full of Africans, legal and illegal.  Our government encourages non-profits to settle whole populations of Africans in places like Maine and Minnesota.  And by the way, there are plenty of Liberians in the greater Trenton area. 

To notice such things is not bigotry, but sanity.

Africans are not the only threat to our health.  More than a few of the Central American so called “children” that Obama disbursed among us were found to have TB and a host of parasites and maladies.  We are seeing afflictions reassert themselves among us after long absences.  Bedbugs, Chagas, Malaria, TB etc. were rare or non-existent when I was a boy. I don’t think Dutch tourists brought them here.

A deeper dilemma than our self-destructive immigration policy is our simple unseriousness in carrying out basic functions.  Our Ebola outbreak is one of lackadaisical “what me worry” performance by all concerned.  From the official who let Mr. Ebola in, to the Dallas hospital staff, to the dissembling chief ninny at the CDC, to Dr. Nancy Snyderman, to the President, all are operating on third world levels of incompetence.  No one wants in inconvenience anyone or look bad.  So we have people under quarantine getting soup in Hopewell, and flying around the Midwest on commercial airlines.  And they are both medical professionals.

Indeed what strikes me is that we are coming to resemble the very people we need to keep at a distance.  We lack social discipline.  By that I mean that we increasingly fail to hold others or ourselves to standards of responsibility and self-discipline.  

It’s not surprising that some guy from Liberia would hop a plane in hopes of better health care here.  He couldn't think of anyone but himself.  That he was carrying a plague to the whole western hemisphere didn't concern him.  But we in the Western World once prided ourselves on doing the responsible thing in hopes that others would do the same.  It was called acting for common good.  Now we know that our government lies to us, and we lie to each other.  One wonders what would happen if we all had to pull together again?  Many of us would, but our leaders would not. 

We are afraid to demand that our government protect us from obvious dangers for fear of being called racists.

Some good news and some bad

CSPAN covered a conclave of medical experts at Johns Hopkins Tuesday.  While drugs to fight Ebola are not close at hand, several very promising vaccines are in trial stages and may save us from our follies this time.  Next time, who knows?

The bad news is that according to the experts at Hopkins, fever may not be the reliable screening measure it was thought to be.  According to one expert, there have been cases in Africa where people have died without any fever at all. They are atypical but they have been recorded. It also seems that Africans have learned that taking some Tylenol can beat down the fever long enough to get past security.  This last, according to African MD’s interviewed on NPR.  

The same African MD said that she had to retrain her assistants to get beyond the routine dishonesty of incoming patients.